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C# - Webforms Events
This article shows how to declare Webforms Events

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                Raising Events from a Class

For some reason, Microsoft has chosen not to implement the same interface for declaring Webforms Events as they did with Winforms Events. Anything to make it more confusing I suppose. Well - no matter - it's easy enough when you know how.

Although the Page_Load event appears to come along for free, the other page events must be declared by overriding the base function.

To declare a Webforms double-click your Webform to bring up the code view. Begin the declaration by typing:

protected override

Assuming you have Inteli-sense turned on, you will see the events listed on the Inteli-sense dropdown.

The download project declares the more common page events and writes a message to the debug window when invoked so you can see the order in which they fire.

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